We are just some regular hobbyists with way too many bugs... Like seriously, it's a real problem!!! We have been keeping bugs for a decade now (and I do mean we, this is not one of those websites that's obviously ran by one person and yet they insist in using we), and really want to see the hobby grow and to see the species we love ourselves in the hobby a lot more. So we decided: why not do a website!
Here we offer surplus insects mostly from our own captive breeding! Those buggies sure are prolific when they get going! And some of our colonies are quite a few years old! 
It took a long long time to get this started, cause someone who shall not be named hates taking pictures and is really really lazy with stuff, (you know who I'm talking about!) but hey, we are here now!
In our own collections, we have a bit of everything, from beetles to scorpions, tarantulas to giant water bugs, you name it, we have it all! That's what's so cool about the invertebrate hobby, there is always something to explore! There are definitely perks to loving the most diverse type of animals!
butterfly net bugs collecting
So how much do we love bugs? Well, doesn't this image say it all? We are people that would spend a day on the beach collecting insects instead of splashing in the water... I remember that day well, got an array of really really cool rove beetles!!!
If you want to get to know us better, or want to see our personal breeding projects/ offer trades, feel free to follow us on our main page @bugsuperstore on instagram, or follow one of our partner's personal instagram @entomologypractitioner because the official account never ever posts anything (cough cough)....